Formatting & DTP
Document certification
Software localisation
Translation of web-sites
International events
Phone/video interpreting
Voice-overs & subtitles
Language training

  • All the translations are performed by native language speakers only
  • Our professional translators each specialise in their own subjects, while most of our technical translators have scientific, engineering and industrial backgrounds
  • Most of our translators are members of the institute of translations & interpreting and institute of linguistics. All of them have proven experience in translations of technical and general subjects.
  • Any subjects and any types of documents are handled (for the list of all the subjects, fields and types of documents we cover please see our quotation on line page).
  • All translations are performed with guarantee of the strictest confidentiality.
  • The modern communication technology enables us to transfer the files instantly anywhere in the world, therefore broadening the network of professional translators we use, including the translators in the target language countries.
  • Quality translations at competitive prices


  • We strongly recommend that all the translations designed publications, are proof-read by a second professional translator and by an independent specialist in the relevant field or subject.
  • We also offer an independent proof-reading or spell-checking service for already translated documents.
  • Validation service is also available, when the translated document is send to the country of its final destination to make sure the terminology and language used is fully suited to the local market.


  • Using the latest available software script and font applications we can arrange typesetting in most world languages, including cyrillic, greek, turkish and all the east european languages.

  • We have latest hardware and software to match your formatting and presentation requirements:

    • We also offer design and translations for any IT Presentations your business might require

      • Any kind of formatting requirements, including diagrams, drawings and tables are handles.
        • The translated text can be adjusted to fit into your original lay out.
          • Completed translations can be returned to you in the method which suits you best:


          • As Members of Assocoation of Translation Companies we can provide certification of the documents we translate.
          • Notarisation of the translated documents can also be arranged


          • We offer a service of translating and adapting your computer programmes to different languages and cultures, taking into consideration not only the difference in language, but different keyboards, length of set terms and expressions, so the final product can be used by people in your target markets.


          • We can take your existing web-site and create foreign language versions, localised for use in target language countries
          • For a quote on web-site or web-pages translations please complete our web-site quotation on-line form.


          We can guarantee a perfect mutual understanding between you and your business contacts anywhere in the world.

          Simultaneous, consecutive and ad hoc interpreting in any field or subject for:

          • International meetings and negotiation
          • Factory visits
          • Official Visits of Foreign Delegations
          • Conferences, Congresses and Forums
          • Any kind of International Events
          • Scientific Research Programmes
          • World Exchange Programmes
          • Export/Import Trade Missions
          • Industrial Training Courses
          • International Exhibitions and Trade Fairs
          • Court & Arbitration hearings
          • Voice-Overs
          All our interpreters are professional and fully experienced. They are based all around the world, which enables us to provide interpreters wherever your international event might take place.

          We cover all three main forms of interpreting:

          • Ad Hoc - for business meetings, negotiations, factory or site visits, trade fairs, court appearances and social gatherings.
          • Consecutive - for formal presentations or speeches.
          • Simultaneous - for conferences, particularly where several languages are in use.

          We can cover all the language aspects of the International Event organised by you. The service can range from providing a team of professional interpreters to assist all the foreign delegations at the Event to supplying you with a language telephone hot-line for any emergencies which could arise during the Event.


          • Whenever you need to speak to your business partner anywhere in the World to discuss any urgent matter, we will provide an instant three-way telephone communication for you with our professional interpreter in the middle enabling you to get the answers to any of your questions without delay.
          • Our linguists can also help you with new markets research and telephone marketing in your target countries.


          • Corporate videos are an effective way of presenting your company to overseas clients and associates. We can help you by supplying professionally translated video scripts or subtitles.
          • We have a large network of voice-over artists in different languages all over the world to ensure that you get the best possible presentation.


          Our professional bi-lingual transcribes, who transcribe exclusively into their mother tongue, are available to provide you with a hard copy script of any audio or video material your might need transcribing:

          • Audio recording of a foreign interview for legal proceedings;
          • Audio recording of an important business meeting with International presence;
          • Audio recordings of conference speeches at International Conferences and Seminars;
          • Instruction tapes;
          • Foreign television reports;
          • Video or telephone conference recordings

          • If necessary, we will also provide further translations of the transcribed text


          • Customised Intensive General and Business Language Courses for Individual and Corporate Clients.
          • Our foreign language courses take into account not only the language itself, but also important cultural aspects of each country, which is vital when you are dealing with foreign companies.
          • All our tutors have degrees in language tuition.
          • All types of technique and materials will be used during the tuition including audio, video and multi-media.
          • The courses can cover any language depending on demand and can range from individual tuition to small groups of up to 8 people.
          • The individual or corporate courses can be tailor-made to suit the Company requirements, e.g. cover the language of the specific area of the company's trade.
          • The tuition can take place either on-site (at the client's facilities) or at the conference facilities of Stockton Business Centre.